Are American Bullies High Maintenance? Exploring the Reality!

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Personally, I am a Bully owner myself and find them very fascinating. However, when I first considered getting an American Bully, I also wondered if American Bullies are a high-maintenance breed. Similarly, many dog lovers worry about adopting an American Bully because they think it will require more effort to take care of them.

So, are American Bullies high maintenance?

Generally, American Bullies are not high maintenance and are somewhat easier to care for. They are companion dog breeds; American Bullies are quite gentle and relaxed dogs that require minimal maintenance. Additionally, they are intelligent and easy to train.

In this article, we will dive deep into this topic and also discuss how you can properly care for your Bully and more.

So, keep reading!

Are American Bullies High Maintenance?

As already discussed American bullies are generally not high-maintenance dog breeds.

But it is important to understand each and every dog’s personality is unique and how your bully will act generally depends on its characteristics (some may be more relaxed while some may be more mischievous) and how the owner raised it.

If you properly train and raise them starting from their puppyhood. then their already gentle and loving nature will be at its best, making them a low-maintenance dog for the owner.

Why Some Think Owning a Bully Will Be a Hard Challenge?

Despite the efforts put into training and understanding the breed, some people may perceive owning an American Bully as a challenging task due to their muscular build, stubborn nature, and misconceptions surrounding the breed.

You might find their imposing looks intimidating, and their stubbornness can prove difficult when it comes to training.

Couple this with the unfair stigma of aggression often associated with the breed, and it’s easy to see why some might find the task daunting.

However, remember that every dog breed comes with its own challenges and rewards. With patience, consistency, and understanding, you’ll find American Bullies can be loyal, loving pets, debunking the myth of them being high maintenance.

Understanding and addressing these concerns is the first step to a rewarding relationship with your Bully.

How to Take Care of American Bully

Caring for an American Bully isn’t as daunting as it may seem. It’s crucial to understand their exercise, dietary and grooming needs, as well as the importance of good training and plenty of love and attention.

Let’s tackle these points to ensure your bully is happy, healthy, and well-cared for.

Exercise needs

American Bullies are active dog breeds, but when compared to other bully breeds, their exercise needs are relatively lower because they do not possess working qualities like American Staffordshire and Pitbull Terriers, making them low maintenance when it comes to exercise.

An adult American Bully usually needs 1 hour of daily exercise, which can include a couple of half-hour walks along with some puzzles, games, and training to exercise them mentally as well.

It is important to understand that each dog has a unique personality, so exercise needs can vary slightly. Most American Bullies may be satisfied with walking, while some will require a little more than walking, such as tug of war, fetch, sprints, and spring pole-type exercises.

Dietary needs

american bully surrounded by food

Ensuring your American Bully stays healthy involves more than just regular exercise; their diet is also crucial. What you feed them plays a big role in whether they become high maintenance or not.

American Bullies need a well-balanced diet with a good mix of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Proteins help in muscle development, fats provide energy and support skin health, and carbs, in moderation, aid digestion and provide energy.

It’s important to steer clear of giving them human food or inexpensive dog chow. Instead, go for high-quality commercial dog food or consult your vet about a raw diet. And always remember, overfeeding can lead to obesity.

Grooming needs

When it comes to grooming an American bully it is very easy, you don’t need to go overboard with your American Bully, but regular upkeep is necessary.

A simple brushing once a week helps to keep their short, glossy coat in top condition. This breed is a moderate shedder, so regular brushing also helps to control hair around your home.

Bathing should be done every month or so, depending on your Bully’s lifestyle and activities.

Keep an eye on their teeth, ears, and nails as well. Regular teeth brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trimming are all part of a comprehensive grooming routine.


american bully with leash sitting

Training an American Bully is not very high maintenance, especially when you start training them from an early age. This is because they simply love to impress their owners, and they are also intelligent.

They learn things quickly; you just need to keep them motivated (use positive reinforcement) and be consistent with their training. Make sure to keep the training sessions short and fun to keep them engaged.

Sometimes they can be a little stubborn and may not listen to you. In that case, you might have to motivate them even more, making training a bit more high-maintenance.

You just have to remain consistent, properly motivate, and praise them to overcome their stubbornness.

Love and Attention

When it comes to love and affection, American bullies can be high-maintenance. They might seem scary and muscular but they are like giant teddy bear that loves to cuddle and always want to be with their family.

Personally, I love some cuddly time with my bully. But, sometimes they can be so cuddly that you have to make space for yourself. It is important that you create a balance you never want your American bully to be too clingy.

Too much clinginess can lead to separation anxiety and they will be not able to leave alone even for a a very short time.


american bully standing sideways

If you want your American Bully to be a confident dog breed that gets along with other pets and people, then socialization is key.

Start socializing your dog from an early age. Socialization simply means familiarizing your pet with all sorts of things.

Expose your pup to different types of people, places, sounds, smells, and animals as much as possible so that they will be calm and composed in every situation.

Start by having brief, controlled interactions, and slowly make them longer and more challenging as your pet becomes more confident.

Always make sure these experiences are positive. Reward good behavior with treats and praise. It’s fine if your bully is a bit nervous initially; being patient is crucial.

Over time, your American Bully will become skilled at socializing, which adds to their overall happiness and well-being.

Separation anxiety

Despite their tough exterior, American Bullies can struggle with separation anxiety, so it’s essential for you to understand how to address this issue effectively.

This breed thrives on companionship and can become distressed when left alone. You’ll notice excessive barking, chewing, or even attempts at escape.

Start by gradually increasing their alone time, reinforcing their confidence in your return. Use positive reinforcement like treats and praise for calm behavior.

You could also consider puzzle toys to keep them mentally stimulated during your absence.


american bully sick

The American Bully is generally a healthy and robust dog breed. However, they are sometimes prone to common diseases such as hip dysplasia, breathing issues, elbow dysplasia, skin allergies, and eye disease.

To keep your furry friend away from these diseases, you should always take your dog for a vet checkup at least three times a year.

Additionally, you should provide proper care for their exercise and nutrition to give them a healthy and happy life.

Final Thoughts

American Bullies aren’t necessarily high maintenance. True, they may require consistent training and socialization, but that’s true for any breed.

They’re known for their loyalty and affection, traits that make the effort worthwhile. Remember, your Bully’s behavior largely depends on the quality of care and training you provide.

So, with patience, dedication, and the right knowledge, you’ll find that owning an American Bully is a rewarding, not daunting, experience.

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