Why Does Your American Bully Sleep So Much?Decoding Doggy Dreams

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As an American Bully owner, if your American Bully sleeps a lot, you might be wondering why your American Bully sleeps so much. Is it natural, or is something wrong?

American Bullies do sleep a lot, and usually, it is perfectly normal. The common reason behind it is that they are simply tired. American Bullies are big dogs meaning they get tired quickly. Being active dog breeds, they need a good amount of sleep to properly recover after expending all that energy.

In this article, we will also discuss the factors that can impact the sleep of American Bullies, the sleeping habits of both adults and puppies, and when you should be concerned if they are sleeping excessively.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling!

Is It Natural for American Bullies To Sleep a Lot?

If you own an American Bully, you’ll probably notice that they like to take naps throughout the day, and that’s totally normal.

American Bullies are big dogs, and big dogs tend to sleep a lot. Because American Bullies are not only large but also have strong muscles, they use up more energy even for simple activities like walking. Because of their size and muscle strength, they need more sleep to recharge their energy.

While it’s important for American Bullies to get enough rest to stay healthy, it’s also crucial to keep them active. These dogs are naturally lively, and it’s not hard to make sure they stay active.

However, sometimes your dog’s excessive sleep can also be the result of some underlying health issues(which will be discussed in detail further in this article.)

Factors That Influence an American Bully’s Sleep

american bully lounging

Several factors can influence your American Bully’s sleep. These can include their age, activity level, health status, and environment, as well as the general sleep patterns of dogs.


The age of your American Bully plays a significant role in determining how much they sleep. Similar to humans, puppies need more sleep than adults.

It is entirely normal for puppies to sleep significantly more as it is crucial for their healthy growth. Puppies are in a phase of rapid development, and sleep is a vital process for this growth to occur.

Additionally, puppies are generally more energetic and playful, expending more energy compared to adults. Therefore, they sleep more to recharge.

Older senior dogs may also sleep more due to decreased energy levels or health issues.

Activity Level

Activity level is another factor that can affect how much your American bully sleeps. If your bully is highly active during the day they’ll need more sleep to recover, like how a tiring day makes you want a good night’s sleep.

On the flip side, a sedentary bully may sleep more out of boredom than fatigue.


When we get ill or sick we tend to sleep more in order to recover. Similarly, a dog with health issues is more likely to sleep more compared to a healthy one in order to recover.

It is important to understand that your bully’s health has a big impact on their sleep pattern.

For instance, If they have issues like heart disease or are overweight, they might need more sleep.

Also, your American bully might sleep more if they are on medication


Considering your American Bully’s environment, it’s important to note that various factors can affect their sleep patterns.

Noise levels, for instance, can significantly influence their rest. If your home is loud and bustling, your Bully might sleep more during the day to compensate for disturbed sleep at night.

The temperature of your home also plays a key role. If it’s too hot or too cold, your pet may experience discomfort, leading to increased sleep or restlessness.

Lastly, the amount of space your Bully has to relax can affect their sleep. A cramped or uncomfortable sleeping area can cause restlessness, while a spacious and cozy spot encourages better, uninterrupted sleep.

It’s vital to ensure your pet’s environment promotes a healthy sleep schedule.

The Sleep Pattern of Dogs

Dog’s sleep pattern is quite different from humans. they require more sleep in 24 hours compared to us.

Dogs have several sleep cycles throughout the 24 hr while humans have one long sleep cycle usually at night.

As the dogs sleep for a short duration they have to sleep multiple times in order to ensure proper rest.

Therefore, the dogs including the American bully’s natural sleep are sleeping multiple times during the day combined with sleep at night.

Are American Bullies Low-Energy Dog Breed

Many people believe that American bullies are low-energy dogs because they sleep a lot, but they are quite an active breed.

The American bully’s bulky appearance might create a deception that it is a lazy or lethargic dog, but that is not at all true.

American bullies are energetic, friendly, and playful dogs. They love to please their owner and want to spend quality time with them.

When they are with their owner or the people they know, they are quite active and will go hard to impress them during playtime.

Even though they might sleep a lot, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a good exercise session. Regular walks and playtimes are essential for their overall health and well-being. While they may not be bouncing off the walls, they do need a moderate level of activity to stay fit and content.

Don’t mistake their love for sleep as laziness; it’s simply part of their breed’s nature.

American Bully Puppy Sleeping Habits

american bully puppy sleeping

If you’ve just brought home an American Bully puppy, you might be taken aback by how much they’re sleeping. This is normal, as puppies typically sleep 18-20 hours a day. They use this time to grow and develop both physically and mentally.

However, it’s also essential for them to have active periods throughout the day, where they can explore and learn. It’s during these awake times that you should start their training and socialization. Keep in mind, though, that puppies have short attention spans, so keep sessions brief.

As your puppy grows, they’ll gradually sleep less

Adult American Bully Sleeping Habits

adult american bully sleeping

As your American Bully gets older, you’ll notice they don’t sleep as much as they did when they were a puppy.

Adult bullies typically need around 12 to 14 hours of sleep each day, compared to the 18 hours that a puppy might need. This change is normal and part of their growth process.

All dogs including Americans spend 50 % of the time sleeping, 30 % of the time lounging(just lying down resting but not sleeping) and 20 % of the time doing its activity like eating, playing, bathroom, etc.

So, it shows that they spend 80%(sleeping and lounging) of the time resting in the 24-hour timeline.

When To Worry About the American Bully Sleeping a Lot

While, for an American bully to sleep a lot is fine. Sometimes it can be due to some underlying health issues. if you notice any in the sleep pattern of your bully consult a vet immediately. Also, consult a vet if you notice your American bully showing the following signs.

  • Excessive lethargy
  • Difficulty waking up
  • suddenly sleeps in the middle of the active
  • Not sleeping during the day time.
  • Persistent coughing or sneezing during sleep
  • Restlessness during sleep
  • Changes in breathing patterns
  • Frequent waking during the night
  • Excessive snoring
  • Visible discomfort while sleeping
  • Changes in sleep duration
  • Changes in appetite related to sleep patterns
  • Excessive drooling during sleep
  • Twitching or trembling while sleeping

Final Thoughts

It is clear that American bullies sleep a lot it is completely fine and nothing to worry about. Make sure you know the sleeping pattern of your American bully and if you notice any sudden change in their sleep pattern it is better to consult a vet.


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