Why Is My American Bully Crying?

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If your American Bully is crying or seems upset, it’s normal to worry. Just like people, dogs show their feelings in different ways and crying can be one of them.

So, why is your American Bully crying? Is it normal?

Yes, it is perfectly normal for your bully to cry; it is just one way to express their feelings. They might be crying due to various reasons, such as feeling lonely or perhaps due to some underlying health issue.

In this article, we will help you understand why your American Bully might be crying and provide you with tips on how to help them feel better.

Reasons Why Your American Bully Might be Crying

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Want or Need Something

If your dog wants something they might try to tell you by crying , like if they want to go out then they may cry standing at the door or by seeing the leash, if they want food they may cry looking at their food bowl, so you should keep an eye to your dog’s behaviour and act accordingly.


If your Bully is crying, it could mean they’re hungry. These strong dogs need a diet with lots of protein to keep them healthy and energetic.

If they aren’t fed enough or regularly, they might cry to show they’re not comfortable. Make sure to keep an eye on when you feed them and give them the right amount of food.

Watch out for signs like restlessness when it’s mealtime or if they show interest in where you keep their food. These are clues that they might be hungry.

If your American bully is whining for more food even after you just fed them then it can be an issue read this article why is my American bully always hungry? to know more.


Your American Bully might cry if they’re in pain, showing that they’re uncomfortable or injured and need help.

Pay attention to when the crying happens—is it when they move or if you touch a specific spot? This can help you pinpoint the source.

Dogs feel pain like we do, so look for other signs like limping, not wanting to play, or not wanting to eat, which could all mean they’re in pain.

Your Bully’s pain could come from things like dental problems, injuries, or issues with their muscles and bones, like arthritis.

If you think your pet is in pain, it’s important to see the vet. They can figure out what’s wrong and come up with a plan to help your pooch feel better.


Just like us, your American Bully might cry or whine when they’re scared or stressed. This can happen if they encounter things like new places, loud noises (like thunder or fireworks), or strangers.

Your Bully’s sharp senses can pick up on things in their surroundings that you might not notice, triggering a fear response. When they cry because of fear, it’s their way of saying they feel uncomfortable.

Pay attention to their body language; if they cower, tremble, or avoid things, it’s a sign of fear. Creating a safe and comforting space for them can help ease their anxiety.


Your American Bully might cry because of anxiety. This complex feeling can come from being away from you, past bad experiences, or it might be in their genes.

Dogs get stressed when anxious, and that stress can make them whine or cry.

If you’re not around a lot, your Bully might feel anxious when expecting you to leave, showing signs of separation anxiety.

Negative experiences that happened before can also make your Bully anxious, and they might react when reminded of those experiences.

Some dogs are just naturally more prone to anxiety, and it could be something they inherited from their family.


Your American bully might cry because they want your attention. These dogs are social and love interacting with their human companions.

They form strong bonds with their owners, and if they feel ignored or not played with enough, they may cry to get your attention. This crying is their way of emotionally expressing a desire for you to notice and spend time with them.

It’s important to understand the different types of cries they may have. Sometimes, it’s just about seeking attention, while other times, it might indicate distress or discomfort.


American Bullies are lively dogs, and if they’re crying, boredom might be the reason. These dogs thrive on activity and mental stimulation, so it’s important to spot signs of boredom.

If your dog is persistently whining or crying, it could be because they’re not getting enough physical exercise or mental challenges. Your dog’s happiness depends on regular engagement. Without things like toys, puzzles, or interactive play, they can get stressed.

It’s not just about burning energy; it’s about keeping their minds busy. To stop them from crying due to boredom, mix up their routine with different activities and toys that cater to their curiosity and intelligence.

Medical issues

While addressing boredom is important for your American Bully’s happiness, it’s also crucial to consider that their crying could be due to underlying medical issues.

These issues require quick attention and care because pain or discomfort, which may not be visible to the untrained eye, can show up as whining or whimpering.

Common culprits for such issues include ear infections, dental problems, or joint conditions like hip dysplasia. Digestive troubles, ranging from food allergies to obstructions, could also be causing distress.

If your Bully’s behavior changes or their crying continues, don’t hesitate to see your veterinarian. Early detection and treatment can prevent complications, ensuring your pet stays comfortable and healthy.

Tips To Stop American Bullies from Crying

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Understand and address The Reason Behind crying/whining

To help your American Bully feel better, it’s important to figure out what’s making them cry or whine.

Start by watching when it happens—is it when they’re alone, or do they need more attention? They could be in pain, so it’s a good idea to have the vet check them.

Think about their surroundings; are they stressed, or do they need more things to do? Make a plan to fix these issues with regular training for good behavior, enough playtime to use up energy, and scheduled quiet moments for calmness.

Offer comfort and support

When your dog cries, it’s important to be understanding. Watch them closely; they might want you nearby for comfort. Pet them gently or talk to them in a soothing voice to help calm them down.

Having a regular routine gives them a sense of stability, which is very calming for dogs.

Make sure their physical space is comfy too—soft bedding, water, and their favorite toys can make a big positive impact.

Redirect their attention

Shifting an American Bully’s focus from sources of distress to engaging activities can effectively curtail their crying, harnessing their natural curiosity and desire for interaction.

This redirection is a scientifically supported method known as ‘differential reinforcement of incompatible behavior.’

By introducing your dog to a puzzle toy, a game of fetch, or a training session, you’re not just distracting them but also providing a constructive outlet for their energy.

It’s important to select activities that are suitable for your Bully’s age, size, and temperament to ensure they’re both mentally and physically stimulated.

Remember, the goal is to create a positive association and reinforce calmness, so choose wisely and be patient.

Your empathetic response to their needs will strengthen your bond and promote emotional well-being.

Engage in positive activities

Playing and engaging your American Bully in positive activities not only helps stop their crying but also supports their emotional and cognitive development.

Studies show that dogs thrive on routine and purposeful engagement. Set up regular playtimes with activities that tap into their instincts, like tug-of-war, which mimics natural hunting behavior.

Give them mental stimulation too, using puzzle feeders or scent work to enhance problem-solving skills, keeping their mind sharp and focused.

Understand that your American Bully craves connection. Obedience training strengthens your bond and gives them a sense of accomplishment.

Pay close attention to their reactions during these activities to customize their experiences, making them positive and rewarding for your American bully.

Provide a safe environment

Making a safe and comfy space for your American Bully is a great way to help them feel less stressed.

Just like people, dogs need a cozy place for comfort and safety.

Choose a specific spot in your home just for them, like a comfy bed or a crate they can go to when they’re overwhelmed.

Make sure it’s quiet, away from busy areas, and fill it with their favorite toys and blankets for extra comfort.

Consult vet

If your American Bully keeps crying even after you have tried all the things, it’s important to see a vet to check for any health problems.

The vet will carefully check your dog, looking at things like genetics, physical discomfort, or emotional distress that might be causing the crying.

They’ll look for signs of sickness, injuries, allergies, or conditions like separation anxiety that you might not notice.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your American Bully’s feelings is important for their happiness. If they’re crying, it means they want your attention. Take care of their basic needs first and then look into emotional stress or health issues.

If the crying continues, consult a vet, as it could mean they’re in pain. Your caring and quick action will comfort them and strengthen the special bond you have.

Always remember, you’re the one they trust to help them navigate their emotions.

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