How To Make Your American Bully Muscular?-Top 5 Exercise

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American Bullies are generally stockier and more muscular dog breeds. If you own an American Bully and want your dog to become even more muscular, you’ve come to the right place.

You can make your American Bully more muscular by simply providing regular exercise and proper nutrition. It’s also important to understand that your dog’s genetics may play a role in determining how muscular they can become. There is no shortcut or any secret; you have to be consistent and patient.

Don’t worry; we will dive deeper into this topic and help you get your American Bully all jacked up.

So, keep on reading!

When Do American Bullies Start Showing Muscle?

You might want your Bully to develop strong muscles, but it’s important to understand that they usually start looking more muscular when they reach adolescence, which is around 6 to 9 months old.

But don’t rush things. Exercising a young puppy too much can cause health problems later on. Instead, focus on providing them with good food and gentle exercise to support their growth.

You can introduce more intense exercise when they become adults, which is typically around 12 months.

As they grow up, you’ll notice them becoming more muscular, especially if you maintain their exercise and diet. Just keep in mind that every Bully is different and may develop muscles at their own pace.

How To Make American Bully Muscular and Bigger

making american bully muscular

Just like with humans, when we want to get fit or become more muscular, we hit the gym and follow a nutritious diet. The same holds true for American Bullies; you just have to ensure they get regular workouts and a balanced nutritional diet. It’s as simple as that.

Here are the 3 key things that your bully should have to be muscular and bigger


How much your American bully will gain muscle and how well-defined their muscle will be generally comes all down to their genetics.

This means that your American Bully will only reach a certain level of muscle or size, regardless of how well you exercise or feed them


While genetics are important, if your dog doesn’t get enough exercise, it simply won’t make a difference.

It’s essential to provide your American Bully with 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise, but be sure not to overdo it. You can include activities such as running, swimming, jumping, climbing, spring pole exercises, and weight/resistance training (which we’ll discuss in detail below).

Also, remember that rest is just as important as exercise. Ensure you give them at least 1 to 2 days of rest after very intense workouts.


Providing exercise alone without a proper nutritional diet can harm your dog’s health. It’s crucial to offer a well-balanced diet rich in protein. Protein is essential as it aids in repairing the muscles after the wear and tear caused by exercise, making the muscles stronger.

Ensure that your bully’s diet contains fewer fillers like corn, rice, wheat, soy, etc. Follow a strict feeding schedule, and avoid free feeding, as it can lead to obesity. 

You can also incorporate vet-recommended supplements that can help in building muscles in your dog.

Remember, nutrition is everything thing so make sure you dailed int the diet correctly. consult a vet or pet nutritionist who will help design your bully’s diet.

5 Best American Bully Exercises for Muscle Gain


The first exercise you can do with your American bully is running or sprinting, It is a great exercise. It’s like a super effective workout because it works many muscles and makes your dog stronger and better at endurance.

To start, have your dog run short distances, and as it gets better, let it run longer. But be sure to warm up your Bully before sprinting to prevent injuries.

You can use toys or treats to motivate your dog while sprinting. This makes it fun and helps your dog like exercise.

Some people also prefer to run their American bully on the treadmill however, it will be not as entertaining as running on the open field.

Spring Pole

One of the best exercises to make your American Bully’s muscles stronger is the spring pole workout. It’s a simple but effective routine where you hang a tough spring from a tree or beam using a rope and attach a toy at the bottom.

Your Bully will jump, pull, and hang from the toy, which works out different muscle groups, This not only strengthens the jaws but also works on the chest, back, core and neck muscles.

Make sure the height is just right so your Bully isn’t struggling too much to reach it. Always keep an eye on your dog to ensure safety and make sure the area around the spring pole is free from any dangers.

Pulling/Dragging weight 

To make your Bully’s muscles stronger all over, you can add weight-pulling or dragging exercises alongside the spring pole workout. This helps build power and muscle in their chest, legs, and core.

Start with light things to pull and slowly use heavier ones as your Bully gets used to it. Always make sure your dog’s harness fits comfortably and watch them closely to prevent accidents.

It is better to have your American bully checkup by the vet to ensure that they are perfect before adding weight exercise into their exercise routine.

Long walk

Even a simple exercise like a Long walk can give your bully a lean and shredded look. well, you might not see the benefits right away like some other exercises I have mentioned above.

But, in the long term, you will definitely see some benefits, it will make your dog a lot leaner and shredded and will make their muscle show.

You can take your dog on long walks on different terrains, like hills and sandy areas, to challenge different muscle groups.

Consistency is key; aim for at least 30-45 minutes daily to see noticeable results. Remember, your bully’s health and strength depend on a regular exercise regimen.


Swimming is another excellent exercise that’ll help make your American Bully more muscular. This low-impact exercise is perfect for muscle development as it engages the entire body, strengthening the core, legs, and chest muscles.

Moreover, it’s a great cardio workout, burning many calories and aiding weight management.

Start slowly, letting your Bully get accustomed to the water. Praise their effort and gradually increase the duration and intensity of the swims. Always supervise your dog during swimming sessions to ensure safety.

This exercise isn’t only beneficial physically but also mentally. It’s enjoyable, reducing stress and promoting overall well-being.

Give swimming a try, and you’ll soon notice a more muscular, healthier, and happier American Bully.

Note- Remember, if your dog does not like to swim, don’t force it!!

How To Get Your American Bully Buffed Up?

american bully muscular

You might think that Muscular and buffed are similar but it is not. Bully can have muscles but they may not appear as buffed up.

To make them buffed up you need to make some dietary changes such as increasing protein intake, vital nutrients and other healthy mass-gaining supplements.

But in addition to diet, you need to take care of their physical activity because lacking it will make them obese instead of buffed up. You can consult with a professional trainer before starting up so that your bully gets maximum benefit.

Final Thoughts

Your American Bully can gain muscle with the right diet and exercise. It’s essential that your dog is in perfect health before attempting the exercises mentioned above.

Always begin slowly and gradually raise the intensity. It’s highly advisable to consult a dog trainer to develop an exercise and diet plan that suits your Bully’s muscular goals.

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