How To Calm Down an American Bully? – Hyper Bully!

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No one wants a dog that barks and runs all the time and doesn’t want to sit still; it can be quite hectic to handle this type of dog.

Typically, American Bullies are not considered hyperactive breeds, but these muscular breeds are energetic. If you don’t provide an outlet for them to release their energy, they might become hyperactive.

If your Bully is hyperactive and you want your bully to calm down, you’re in for a treat. In this article, I will explore why your Bully might be so hyper and provide you with practical tips on how to calm them down.

So you can have a more relaxed and happier dog, and, in turn, a more peaceful home.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

Are American Bullies Hyperactive?

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You might be wondering if being hyperactive is a common thing for American Bullies. Well, while each dog is different, this breed does tend to be pretty energetic.

It’s normal for them to be lively, especially when they’re still puppies. But, it’s important not to confuse their enthusiasm for hyperactivity. Being active and engaging with their surroundings is just in their nature.

However, if your Bully’s energy levels seem really high, there could be some underlying issues. Things like a lack of mental stimulation, exercise, or the right diet might be causing them to be overly active.

Making sure they get what they need is crucial. Remember, it’s not about trying to stop their energy, but about directing it in a positive and healthy way.

Here are the symptoms to look for in your dog to know if it is hyperactive or not-

  • Excessive barking
  • Restlessness
  • Difficulty focusing
  • Constant jumping
  • Destructive behavior
  • Impulsive actions
  • Inability to relax
  • Excessive mouthing or biting
  • Overly excited reactions
  • Difficulty following commands

5 Reasons Why Your American Bully Is Hyperactive

You might be wondering why your American Bully is so hyperactive.

Various factors, including boredom, lack of exercise, inadequate training, diet, and health issues, could contribute to this behavior.

Let’s examine each of these reasons to better understand and manage your pet’s hyperactivity.

1. Boredom-

A big reason why your American Bully might be acting hyper is simply because they’re bored. Like other smart breeds, these dogs need mental stimulation.

If they don’t get enough mental activity, they can get restless, and that extra energy shows up as hyperactivity.

2. Lack of exercise-

Most pet owners do not provide sufficient exercise to their dogs, which is a common factor that causes hyperactivity.

As already discussed, American Bullies are energetic breeds and require daily exercise to maintain a balanced temperament.

If you don’t provide them with enough exercise, it can lead to hyperactivity and eventually result in destructive behavior.

3. Lack of training-

Not giving your American Bully proper training can make them hyperactive. This breed, known for being smart and determined, does well with structure and routine.

Without regular training, they might get anxious and end up being hyperactive as they try to figure out their world without clear rules.

Remember, training isn’t just about teaching tricks; it’s about establishing discipline and providing mental stimulation. A well-trained Bully is more likely to be calm and happy because they know what’s expected of them.

4. Diet

You might not realize it, but your Bully’s hyperactivity could be attributed to its diet. Foods high in sugars and carbohydrates can cause a spike in energy, leading to hyperactivity.

Overfeeding can also contribute to hyperactivity, as can feeding your dog right before exercise. If your Bully is displaying signs of excessive energy, reassess its diet.

Opt for high-quality, balanced dog food that is suitable for its age, size, and health condition.

5. Health

Switching to a healthier diet might calm your Bully, but it’s also important to consider underlying health issues that could be causing their hyperactivity.

Conditions like hyperthyroidism, and neurological disorders (hyperkinesis) can result in increased energy levels.

If your pup’s hyperactivity is accompanied by other symptoms such as obsessive behaviors, and weight loss, it might be time to visit the vet.

5 Tips on How To Calm Down an American Bully

When facing a hyperactive American Bully, it’s important to know that there are effective methods to calm them down.

Consider the pivotal roles of exercise, training, and socialization in managing their energy levels.

Providing adequate care and affection will also significantly contribute to their calm behavior.

1. Exercise

Overexercise can lead to bad behavior chart

To manage your hyperactive American Bully, exercise is key.

But, It is also important to understand that you should not over-exercise them because too much exercise can also lead to over-excitement in dogs which can lead to stress and can eventually lead to the development of some bad behaviors (as explained in the above chart).

Exercise is very beneficial but it should be balanced. Personally, I exercise my bully an hour daily which is divided into two half-hour exercise sessions one in the morning and the other in the evening.

Here are the exercises you can give to your bully-


In calming down your hyperactive American Bully, opting for regular walks can be a game-changer in terms of their energy levels.

It provides a productive outlet for their abundance of energy while also engaging their mind.

The key is consistency—plan for daily walks, varying the route to keep it interesting. Remember, a well-exercised Bully is typically a calm Bully.


Just as walking your Bully is beneficial, incorporating running into their exercise routine can further help dissipate their pent-up energy.

This vigorous activity will require them to use more energy, thereby calming their hyperactivity.

Choose a safe, open area for this exercise.

Remember, it’s essential to keep them hydrated and not overwork them.


You can also introduce your American Bully to swimming, another effective exercise for calming their hyperactivity. It’s a low-impact activity that works their entire body without putting stress on their joints.

Start slow, ensuring your dog is comfortable in the water. Gradually increase the intensity and duration, remembering that safety and enjoyment are paramount.

Play games

Engaging your Bully in playful games, another great way to expend their excess energy and calm them down.

Fetch, tug-of-war, or obstacle courses can be fun and tiring for them. This not only provides the physical exercise they need but also stimulates their minds, promoting better behavior.

Mental stimulation

Mental exercise is just as important as Physical exercise. It is important to understand that It’s not enough to just physically exhaust your Bully.

You’ve got to challenge them mentally too. Training exercises, puzzle toys, and interactive games are excellent ways to keep them occupied.

You can also give them chew toys which is also beneficial in minimizing stress.

Personally, I provide my American bully with 70 % mental exercise and 30 % physical exercise and I found it to be very effective in calming my American bully.

2. Training

white and fawn American bully

Moving onto training, it’s crucial to understand the role of obedience training and rewarding calm behavior in managing your hyperactive American Bully.

Obedience training, when done correctly, can help channel your pet’s energy into productive tasks.

Additionally, reinforcing calm behavior can also aid in teaching your Bully to be less hyperactive.

Obedience Training

If your hyper American Bully’s energy is getting too much, starting with basic obedience training can really make a difference. This training is all about teaching commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘come.’

It’s a structured way of communicating that helps your dog know what you expect from them. It’s not just about discipline; it’s about building a strong, calm bond between you and your pet.

Reward Calm Behavior

In dealing with your hyperactive American Bully, rewarding calm behavior plays a crucial role in the training process.

When your pet shows signs of calmness, promptly reward them. This reinforces the behavior, teaching them that calmness earns rewards.

Use positive reinforcement like treats, praise, or extra playtime. Consistency is key. Remember, patience and understanding will help your Bully learn to be calm.

3. Socialisation

The process of socialization can significantly help you calm down your American Bully. It involves introducing your dog to new experiences, people, and environments in a positive, controlled way.

Start by introducing your Bully to family and friends in a calm, quiet environment. Make sure each interaction ends on a positive note, with a treat or toy.

Then, gradually expose your dog to busier environments and larger groups of people. Be patient and consistent, it’s critical that your Bully doesn’t feel overwhelmed.

Socialization helps your dog learn to feel comfortable in different situations, reducing anxiety and hyperactivity.

4. Affection

Giving your dog love and attention is a great way to help manage their energy. It makes them feel secure and less anxious, which can prevent them from getting too hyper.

Petting them gently, using kind words, and spending quality time together all work to calm your dog. Regular cuddling with your Bully breed dog can also help them feel safe and build trust.

But, it’s important to find a balance. Too much affection can spoil them and cause behavior issues. Show them love, but also set boundaries so they know their place in the family.

Ultimately, your love and affection can be a soothing balm for your hyperactive Bully’s restless spirit.

5. Calming Treats-

You can also give calming treats that can be very beneficial in calming your hyperactive dogs. Calming treats can contain ingredients like casein, melatonin, and tryptophan, which help to calm your dog.

You can also get treats that contain CBD, which can also be very beneficial for hyper dogs. Make sure to consult your vet before giving any type of calming treat or supplement.

How Do You Calm Down an Energetic American Bully That Won’t Settle Down?

The tips I have mentioned to deal with your hyper Bully are quite effective, but if your American Bully just won’t settle down, even after trying all the tips, it’s better to consult a professional dog trainer who can handle this situation better.

Also, consult a vet who might provide you with some medication or supplements that can be quite helpful in calming down your American Bully.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, calming a crazy American Bully can be challenging, but it’s not impossible. Remember to understand the reason behind their hyperactivity, give them plenty of exercise, and train them with consistency.

If your bully continues to be overly hyper, don’t hesitate to seek professional help. You’re not alone in this journey, and with patience and understanding, you’ll be able to enjoy a calm and happy life with your beloved American Bully.

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