Can an American Bully Kill a Pitbull?

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It is a fun debate that has been going on for a long time in the bully world. Some say American bullies will tear apart Pitbulls, while others say the American Bully is no match against a Pitbull.

So, can an American Bully kill a Pitbull?

Maybe and maybe not; there is no definitive answer to it. Both dogs are capable of killing each other.

In this article, we will dive deep and discuss which breed is more likely to win, and we will also discuss some tips to avoid conflict between them if it ever happens, as you should avoid dog fighting.

So, let’s keep going!!

Is an American Bully Capable of Killing a Pitbull?

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As already discussed there is no definitive answer. They both can kill/win against each other. Although, I think Pitbull Are more likely to win against an American bully due to the following reasons-

1. History

The First Reason why a pitbull is more likely to kill an American bully lies in their history. Pitbulls are specifically bred for dog fighting. throughout history, they have been used for bullbaiting and Dog Fighting.

On the other hand, American bullies are selectively bred to have a more gentle and sociable temperament i.e. they are designed to be companion dogs.

2. Tenacity and Determination

Another reason is that pit bulls are very tenacious and extremely determined. If they think about doing something they will only stop when they have done the job.

In this case, if they are fighting they will give it their all and will fight till the end no matter what. Their tenacity is second to none and only a few dog breeds only come close to it.

3. Very Agile

Pitbulls are lean, athletic and very agile. On the other hand, American Bullies are more muscular and stocky, making them slower and less flexible.

So, in a hypothetical fight, the pitbull’s agility might help it move around the American Bully and cause some harm to slow American bully.

4. Strength and Power

Genetically, Pitbulls were bred for specific tasks, including fighting, which has made them strong and agile.

This historical background gives them an advantage in strength over the American Bully, a breed that was mainly bred for companionship rather than combat.

Don’t get me wrong, American bully is also strong but the Pitbulls are way more explosive and they have high endurance as well which can be quite helpful in a fight.

5. Aggression

In the past, pit bulls were bred for activities like bull-baiting and dogfighting, which needed them to be more aggressive.

This history can make pit bulls show more aggression in certain situations compared to American Bullies. American Bullies were bred more for being friendly companions and for show, with less focus on aggression.

But it’s really important to know that aggression isn’t something specific to a breed. Every dog is different, and their behavior depends a lot on how well they’re taken care of and how they’re introduced to other dogs and people.

Tips To Handle Conflict Between Two Dogs

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Whether one dog can beat another dog breed is quite an interesting topic to discuss but you should avoid fighting between dogs ( in this case American bully and pitbull).

So, when it comes to handling conflict between two dogs, there are several important tips to keep in mind.

1. Separate the dogs

To handle a fight between two dogs, it’s important to separate them to prevent more problems. One way to do this is by using a strong fence or gate, creating a barrier between the dogs to stop them from fighting.

You can also use leashes or harnesses to hold each dog back and keep them apart. Stay calm and in control to avoid making the situation worse. This helps to keep the dogs safe and prevent any injuries.

2. Remain calm and avoid escalating the situation

After you’ve separated the dogs, it’s crucial to stay calm to prevent more problems and keep both dogs safe. Dogs can pick up on your emotions, so staying calm helps avoid making things worse. Remember, dogs often copy their owners, so if you stay calm, it can have a calming effect on them too.

Don’t shout, make sudden movements, or act aggressively, as this can upset the dogs and make the situation more dangerous.

Instead, talk to them in a gentle, soothing voice and use calm body language to show that everything is under control. Read the article How to calm an American Bully to know more about it.

3. Use distractions to redirect their attention

To calm down two dogs in a tense situation, distractions are really helpful. If you divert their attention away from each other, you can stop them from being aggressive and avoid potential harm.

One way to distract them is by making a loud noise, like using a whistle or clapping. This sudden sound can surprise them and make them forget about the conflict.

You can also introduce a toy or treat that both dogs like. This can get them interested in something positive and fun, taking their focus away from the problem.

Another option is redirecting their attention to something else, like a person or an object. This helps diffuse the tension and takes their energy away from the conflict.

Distractions are a great way to manage and resolve conflicts between dogs, making the environment safer and calmer.

4. Identify and address the cause of the conflict

Understanding why two dogs are fighting is crucial for solving the problem and helping them live together peacefully.

When dogs show aggression, it’s important to figure out why they’re behaving that way. It could be because they’re protecting something, like food or toys, or they might be afraid, territorial, or trying to show dominance. Knowing the specific reason helps you come up with the right plan to stop the fighting.

For instance, if they’re fighting over resources, you can make sure each dog has their own stuff to avoid conflicts. If fear is the issue, you can use techniques to help them feel less anxious and change their behavior.

Fixing the real cause of the conflict is key to making a safe and calm environment for both dogs.

5. Seek professional guidance if needed

If you’re dealing with conflicts between your dogs, getting help from a professional is a smart move. Even if you know a bit about dog behavior, a pro can offer insights and advice that fit your specific situation.

A dog trainer or behaviorist with expertise in canine behavior can really help. They have the skills to understand and tackle the issues between your dogs. They’ll figure out why the conflict is happening and create a plan just for your dogs.

These professionals can also teach you effective ways to step in and stop things from getting worse, making sure both dogs stay safe and happy. Remember, seeking professional help is a responsible way to handle conflicts between dogs.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, based on the physical attributes and temperament of both breeds, it’s highly unlikely for an American Bully to kill a Pitbull.

While American Bullies may possess strength and power, Pitbulls are known for their tenacity, agility, and fighting instincts.

Furthermore, the outcome of any dog-to-dog conflict depends on various factors such as training, socialization, and individual temperament.

Responsible dog ownership, proper training, and proactive measures are crucial in preventing and resolving conflicts between any dog breeds.

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