Are American Bullies Good With Babies? The Surprising Truth!

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American bullies can seem a bit scary to people due to their muscular bodies and big faces. Whenever I take my American bully on a walk, many people get scared and move to the side along with their kids. But is their concern legit?

Are American bullies good with babies? Yes, a well-socialized and trained American bully is generally good with babies. They might seem scary, but they are gentle. Additionally, they are bred to be companion dogs. They are not called nanny dogs for nothing.

This article will discuss the reasons that make American bullies a good pet for kids, and we will also provide tips on keeping American bullies with babies and more.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling!

Reasons Why American Bully Can Be a Good Pet For Kids

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You may wonder why an American Bully might be a great pet for your kids. It’s not just about their adorable looks, there’s much more to these dogs that makes them suitable for a family with children.

Let’s explore their non-aggressive nature, easygoing personality, tolerance for children’s behavior, and their instinctive protective streak.

Not Inherently Aggressive

Despite their tough-sounding name, American Bullies aren’t naturally mean. Many believe that aggressiveness is ingrained in American bullies.

However, studies show that American bullies are not inherently aggressive. These dogs are specifically bred to be calm and friendly.

They’re known for being loyal, loving, and playful, making them great companions for children.

But, just like any dog, how an American Bully behaves depends on how it’s brought up and trained.

And It’s really important to socialize them properly when they’re young to make sure they grow up to be well-behaved family pets.

Remember, a dog isn’t dangerous because of its breed; it’s the owner’s responsibility and training that matter.

Easygoing personality

The laid-back nature of an American Bully is another reason why they can be a fantastic addition to your family, especially if you have kids.

These dogs are famous for being calm and friendly, getting along well with both people and other animals.

They usually don’t easily get upset or overly excited, making them excellent companions for children.

Their easygoing nature, combined with their loyalty and affection for their family, makes them an ideal choice as a pet for families with children.

Tolerant of Children’s behavior

When it comes to dealing with your kids’ unpredictable behavior, American Bullies are really patient and easygoing, making them a great choice for families with children.

These dogs are calm and gentle with kids because they’re super loyal and protective. Even when children play rough or make loud noises, American Bullies stay cool and don’t get upset.

What’s cool is that they quickly figure out how to play nice with your kids. They know when to give space and when to set their own limits.

But remember, just because they’re easygoing doesn’t mean they’re pushovers. It’s still important to teach your kids to treat the dog with respect and behave properly around them.

Natural protectiveness

The natural protectiveness of an American Bully is another reason why it’s a great pet for families with kids.

These dogs are known for their loyalty and will often go to great lengths to guard their loved ones.

They’re not just protective in a physical sense, but also emotionally. They’re keenly aware of their family’s emotions and will often respond accordingly, providing comfort when needed.

This trait is particularly beneficial for kids who may need a reliable and comforting presence. However, it’s important to ensure that this protective nature is properly managed. You don’t want your pet to become overly protective or aggressive.

With proper training and socialization, an American Bully can be a loving and protective companion for your kids.

Important Rules: To Keep an American Bully With Babies

Img Credit- Giant Bully Pitbulls Rasit Kaplan

Here are some tips to keep an American bully with babies which are as follow-

Proper introduction

To keep your baby safe, it’s important to introduce your American Bully to the new family member properly.

Start before the baby comes by gradually changing your dog’s routine to get used to the changes a baby brings.

Let your bully sniff the baby’s stuff to get used to the new smell.

When the baby arrives, keep the first meetings short and under control. Always watch your dog when it’s near the baby. Reward your bully for staying calm around your child.

If you’re introducing a child (above 5 years old) to your American Bully, make sure both the child and your American bully are calm for a positive first impression.

Personally, I let my American Bully meet kids, but I make sure my dog stays calm and lets the child come to them. I also have rules for kids.

I tell them to stand still for a bit so the dog can check them out before they start petting. Suddenly reaching out to pet can startle the dog.

This is a great way to introduce your bully to children.

Never Leave Them Unsupervised

You’ve done the right thing to introduce your bully to your baby, but it’s super important to never leave them alone together.

According, to RSPCA one should not leave a child alone with a dog regardless of the breed.

Even if your bully is 100% Safe with kids and is extremely calm, still it’s not a good idea to let them hang out without someone watching.

A big dog like that could accidentally hurt a baby because of their size and strength.

Babies can do surprising things that might bother the dog without meaning to. So, always be there to handle the situation and make sure everything stays under control.

Set some rules for your bully, too. Decide where in the house they’re allowed and not allowed to go. This keeps your baby safe and gives your dog its own space.

Keeping an eye on both of them all the time makes sure they have a good and safe relationship.

Discipline Your American Bully

Now that your kids know how to behave, let’s talk about making sure your American bully behaves well around your baby.

Begin by teaching your dog simple commands like ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ and ‘leave it.’ These commands help you control what your dog does around the baby.

Don’t allow any rough play or aggressive behavior, even if it seems playful.

If your dog does something wrong, correct them right away, but never use physical punishment. That can make your dog scared or more aggressive.

Instead, use positive tricks like treats, praise, or a favorite toy to reward your bully when they behave well.

Teach Your Kids To Behave Properly With The Bully

Along with training your bully, it’s equally important to teach your children a few rules about properly interacting with the dog.

First, children should always approach the dog calmly, avoiding sudden movements that may startle or frighten the bully.

Secondly, teach them to treat the dog with respect and not to pull its tail or ears. American Bullies are patient, but they, like all dogs, have their limits.

Thirdly, ensure they understand that the dog’s food and toys are its own and shouldn’t be taken away.

Lastly, children should be discouraged from disturbing the dog while it’s sleeping, to prevent unintentional biting.

It’s all about fostering mutual respect and understanding between your child and the bully.

Are XL bullies Good With Babies?

XL Bullies can get along with babies, just like the other American Bully types, although it is important to understand that they are the largest type among American Bullies.

As they are huge dogs, the responsibility of owning them increases. Make sure to properly train and socialize them, and never leave them alone with kids, as a dog of this size can easily accidentally hurt them.

Various controversies are ongoing in the world today regarding XL Bullies. They are believed to be very dangerous and are banned or restricted in various places around the globe.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, American bullies can indeed leave with children as they are bred to be a family dog. if you ever own a bully you know how calm and gentle they are and create a strong with the humans and kids as well.

But, as a pet parent, it’s your responsibility to properly train and socialize your dog. Lastly, there is no doubt they are exceptionally good with babies but never leave your American bully or any dog alone with the baby.

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