Are American Bullies Good Hiking Dogs? Perfect Trail Companion!

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Personally, I am an American Bully owner myself, and I also love to go on hikes, especially on the weekends. In the beginning, I wondered whether I could take my American Bully with me for a fun outdoor hike.

If you are like me and not sure about taking your American Bully hiking, then you have landed in the right place.

So, are American Bullies good hiking dogs? Yes, American Bullies are good hiking dogs, maybe not one of the best breeds, but they can definitely be good hiking partners. Being active breeds, they have a love for outdoor activities and thoroughly enjoy walking in nature, especially when given the freedom to explore trails. However, it is recommended to keep your dog on a leash while hiking for safety purposes.

In this article, we will talk about hiking in more detail and will also provide you with some tips and tricks that one should know before taking their pooch for a hike.

So, keep reading till the end!

What Makes American Bully a Good Hiking Dog?

Loyal and Trustworthy

An American Bully is an excellent hiking buddy because they are super loyal and reliable. Whether you’re tackling a tough trail or just strolling in the park, you can trust these dogs to stay right by your side.

Not only are they loyal in sticking with their owners, but they’re also really good at keeping an eye out for any potential dangers. They’re like your own protective sidekick, always alert and ready to step in if they sense trouble.

Plus, their trustworthiness means they’ll follow your commands( if trained properly), even when you’re out in the wild. This obedience can be a real lifesaver when you’re exploring the great outdoors.

Muscular Build and Strength

The strong muscles and powerful strength of an American Bully make them great for hiking. Their sturdy body helps them handle tough terrains effortlessly.

You’ll be amazed at how they can jump over obstacles and climb steep hills with ease.

They’re tough and resilient, but it’s crucial to be aware that their strong build doesn’t make them injury-proof. It’s important to monitor their pace and give them regular breaks.

With the right training and care, an American Bully can be an awesome hiking companion.

Social Nature

American Bully is a very social dog breed that loves being around people. Unlike some dogs that prefer to do their own thing, American Bullies enjoy the shared experience and their excitement can boost your motivation.

Since they’re naturally pack animals, they instinctively collaborate with you, responding well to guidance and commands. This makes them reliable partners on the trail, less likely to wander off or cause any trouble.

Overall, their social nature makes them lovable companions, turning your outdoor adventure into a chance to socialize and enjoy good company.

Things To Know Before Going Hiking With Your American Bully

Make Sure Your Bully is Healthy

Always ensure your Bully is in top health before you hit the hiking trails with them. A healthy Bully can handle the physical demands of hiking better than one that’s not. 

Before heading out, visit your vet for a full check-up. Make sure they’re up-to-date with vaccines, especially against Lyme disease and other tick-borne illnesses, which are common in hiking areas.

Check their body condition. An overweight Bully may struggle with the strenuous nature of hiking, while an underweight one may lack the necessary stamina. 

Also, assess their paw pads. Rough terrain can be harsh on their feet, so they should be in good condition. Finally, make sure they’re free from heart and breathing problems.

With a healthy Bully, you’re set for a fun-filled adventure.

Know The Trail Regulations

Before hitting the trail, it’s crucial to know if dogs are permitted. Some trails may have restrictions or require dogs to be on a leash at all times.

By following these rules, you can avoid any issues and ensure the safety of your dog and others.

Also, know how difficult and long is the trail.

Additionally, take the time to learn about any inclines, toxic plants, or animals that may pose a threat to your American Bully. Being aware of these potential hazards will help you protect your furry companion.

Training and Obedience

Before going hiking, it is important that your bully has learned some basic obedience commands such as Sit, Stay, and Come so you can control them. 

Additionally, you should train your dog to walk on a leash and remain calm in different environments to prevent mishaps during encounters with other hikers or wildlife.

 With proper training and socialization, you can strengthen the bond with your American Bully, contributing to a more fun and positive hiking experience.

Keep The Dog hydrated

Keeping your Bully hydrated during hikes is a crucial aspect of ensuring their safety and enjoyment on the trail.

It’s important to understand that dogs, like humans, can succumb to dehydration and overheating, especially during strenuous physical activities.

Always bring a portable water dish and plenty of fresh water for your Bully. Don’t rely on natural water sources as they may contain harmful bacteria or parasites.

Monitor your dog closely for signs of dehydration such as excessive panting, dry nose, and loss of appetite. If you notice these signs, stop and offer water immediately.

Weather Conditions

Before you hit the trail with your American Bully, it’s crucial to consider the weather conditions for the day. 

American Bullies, with their short coats and low body fat, are susceptible to cold. Avoid hiking in low temperatures as it can lead to hypothermia.

Similarly, their brachycephalic heads make them prone to heatstroke in high temperatures. As a rule of thumb, if it’s too hot or cold for you, it’s too harsh for your Bully. Always check the forecast ahead of time and plan your hike during the cooler parts of the day.

Also, consider the terrain. Wet or icy conditions can be hazardous for both you and your Bully. Make sure to equip your dog with a suitable coat or boots if necessary.

To properly understand how well American bully do outdoors you can check out this article- can American bully live outside?

Benefits of Hiking With Your American Bully

  • Physical Exercise: Hiking is an excellent way to stay fit. It gives you and your dog an aerobic workout that helps maintain a healthy weight and strengthens the muscles and bones.
  • Mental Stimulation: Hiking not only provides physical stimulation but also offers mental stimulation. All the new sights, smells, and sounds on a hiking trail provide your dog with plenty of mental stimulation, which can help prevent behavioral problems.
  • Bonding Time: Hiking together can strengthen the bond between you and your dog. It allows you to spend quality time together without the distractions of everyday life.
  • Socialization: Hiking exposes your dog to different environments, animals, and people, helping them become more well-rounded and adaptable.
  • Cure for Boredom: Taking your dog on hikes is a great way to keep them from getting bored. If you just walk them around the same block every day, it can get really boring for them. Hiking is fun for dogs because it lets them explore new places and use all their senses to the full extent, which can be really exciting for them.

 11 Safety Tips for Hiking with Your American Bully

american bully hiking requirements
  1. First things first, ensure your dog is completely healthy and properly vaccinated before going hiking.
  2. Never break the prohibition rule. Do not take your dog to a trail that does not allow dogs for hiking. There can be many reasons behind the prohibition, such as the presence of dangerous animals or unsuitable terrain for dogs.
  3. Make sure to bring plenty of water to keep your American Bully hydrated, and don’t allow your dog to drink from natural water sources like rivers or ponds, as they can contain pathogens that may make your dog ill.
  4. Also, carry snacks and treats that will provide your American Bully with the required energy throughout the hike.
  5. Always carry a First Aid kit, which can be very handy in case of injuries or accidents while hiking.
  6. If your American Bully is well-trained, you can keep them off-leash if it is not against the rules of the trail. However, it is recommended to keep your dog on a leash at all times to control them and avoid any accidents (you can use a harness instead of a leash, as it provides better control and puts less stress on the neck).
  7. Make sure your Bully is microchipped or has a collar ID with complete information, which can be very beneficial in case your dog gets lost.
  8. Ensure you use repellents on your Bully when you go on a hike to prevent them from getting fleas. You can use a flea collar or spray human mosquito repellent on your dog, just avoid spraying it on your dog’s face.
  9. Always check the weather before going hiking. Do not go hiking in extreme climatic conditions.
  10. Take regular breaks to prevent your Bully from overexertion.
  11. Lastly, make sure you carry poop bags to handle your Bully’s business while hiking.

When Is It Not A Good Idea To Take Your American Bully On A Hiking Trip?

You should not take your American bully for hiking if-

  • If your American bully is not healthy.
  • If your American bully is a puppy or very old.
  • If the outside climatic condition is bad i.e if it is too hot or too cold.
  • If your American bully has high prey drive they may chase around small animals and birds on hiking.
  • If your American bully is not trained and socialized.


How long can American bully hike?

An American bully can hike up to 7 miles. The distance your American bully can hike depends on various factors like climatic conditions and how conditioned your American bully is.

At what Age can we take American Bully for Hiking?

You should wait until your American Bully’s bones are fully developed before taking them on a long hike; i.e., wait until they are around 1 year old.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, American Bullies can make great hiking dogs with proper preparation and care.

Ensuring their physical fitness and health, training and socialization, using a sturdy leash and collar, providing hydration and nutrition, and considering weather conditions are all important factors to keep in mind.

By following these guidelines and prioritizing safety, you can enjoy many adventurous hikes with your American Bully.


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