When Do American Bullies Go Into Heat Cycle? Expert Answers Revealed!

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If you are an American Bully owner who wants to breed the pup, or if you simply don’t want to breed them, it is important that you know when American Bullies go into the heat cycle.

So, when they go into heat?

American Bullies usually go into heat for around 6 months, but it can vary depending on health, genetics, and various other factors.

It is also important that you understand the heat cycle so you can choose the best time for breeding. Don’t worry; we have got you covered. In this article, we will delve into the depths and discuss the phases of the heat cycle, factors that can affect the heat cycle, how long the heat cycle lasts, and more.

You will learn everything about the American Bully’s heat, so let’s keep the ball rolling.

When Do American Bullies Experience Their First Heat?

American Bullies typically experience their first heat cycle at the age of around 6 -9 months, But it can vary depending on their individual development and health factors.

For instance, an American bully who is malnourished or suffering from other health issues may experience delays in entering the heat cycle.

It is not recommended to breed your American bully when they enter their first heat cycle as they are not mature enough.

It is ideal to prevent your bully from getting pregnant in the first two heat cycles and only think about breeding when they enter their third heat cycle i.e. wait until your bully is around 1.5 years old.

Hence, it is important to keep an eye on their heat cycle and be completely aware of it.

How Can You Determine If Your American Bully Is In Heat?

pregnant american bully

As an American Bully owner, watch out for signs of your dog’s heat cycle. There are four stages in a dogs heat cycle also known as estrous: proestrus, estrus, diestrus, and anestrus.

Proestrus7 to 10 daysThe start of the heat, Swelling of the Vulva, Blood discharge, Peeing increased than usual, and male bullies started to show interest.
Estrus5 to 14 daysvulva comes to its normal size, blood discharge stops, your American bully is pregnant or resting.
Diestrus10 to 140 daysvulva comes to its normal size, blood discharge stops, and your American bully is either pregnant or resting.
Anestrus100 to 150 daysNo visible signs of heat, Decreased mating behaviors, Hormonal levels stabilize, Reproductive rest ( rest till the next heat cycle begins)


When your female American Bully is in the proestrus stage of her heat cycle, you’ll notice the first signs of bleeding and vulva swelling.

This phase usually lasts around 7 to 10 days. It’s a time when her body is getting ready for potential pregnancy, and hormones are changing.

You might see behavioral shifts like more peeing and increased attention from male dogs, even though she’s not ready to mate yet.

Pay close attention to these signs as they indicate the start of her fertility period. Keep an eye on her interactions with other dogs to avoid unwanted pregnancies if you’re not planning to breed her.


Watch your female American Bully’s behavior to know when she’s in the estrus stage of her heat cycle, indicating her readiness to mate.

This phase lasts 5 to 14 days, with a decrease in bloody discharge while her vulva stays swollen. Look for ‘flagging,’ where she raises her tail to signal interest in males.

Hormonal changes are significant; estrogen drops, and progesterone rises. She may urinate more to spread her scent and signal fertility.

If you’re not planning to breed her, closely monitor her behavior during this crucial conception period. Her temperament might change, becoming more affectionate or, on the flip side, more irritable.


As your female American Bully enters the diestrus phase, her interest in male dogs decreases, signaling the end of her heat cycle.

During this phase, her swollen vulva returns to normal, and the bloody discharge lessens, lasting for about two months.

Progesterone levels stay high initially, regardless of pregnancy. Eventually, these levels drop as the phase progresses.

Keep an eye on her behavior and physical changes, as some dogs may show signs of a false pregnancy, like nesting behaviors and pregnancy-like symptoms.

Understanding this stage helps you give the right care and prevents unintended breeding.


Anestrus marks the period of inactivity in your American Bully’s reproductive cycle, signaling she’s not in heat.

During this phase, you won’t observe any of the prominent signs associated with estrus, such as vaginal bleeding or behavioral changes like increased affection or mounting. It’s a time when her body rests and her reproductive system resets for the next cycle.

Understanding anestrus is essential for responsible breeding practices and overall health monitoring. It’s a natural part of her cycle, as crucial as the fertile phases.

How Long do American Bullies Stay In The Heat Cycle?

american bully with swollen vulva

The American Bully typically remains in heat for about 2 to 4 weeks. However, during this extended period, they are mostly fertile for only 5 days.

You can take a progesterone test to determine when your Bully is most fertile if you plan to breed them.

As soon as you notice swelling of the vulva and blood discharge, remember that they have entered the heat.

During this time, they may be a little anxious and may try to seek the attention of male American Bullies for mating purposes.

They are most fertile from day 10 to day 14, approximately a week after entering heat.

It’s crucial to understand that the heat cycle can vary in length and intensity among individual dogs. While the average is 2 to 4 weeks, some may experience a shorter or longer cycle.

You can know if your Bully is no longer in her fertile state by simply observing them.

During the fertile time, her private part (vulva) is somewhat less swollen than before, and it returns to normal as fertility ends.

When her vulva is back to its usual size, and there’s no more discharge, her heat is finished. You’ll also see her acting more normally.

Factors Affecting The Length of the Heat in American Bully

You’ll find that several factors can alter the duration of your American Bully’s heat cycle, including her age, health, and breed specifics.

Age –

Initially, age plays a critical role; young bitches may experience erratic cycles as they mature, while older dogs could face irregular or shortened cycles due to reproductive senescence.


It’s also important to consider the dog’s health. If they have any general illnesses or problems with their reproductive system, it can either make their heat period longer or shorter.


Additionally, the way American Bullies are born with certain traits in their genes can affect how long their heat cycles last. It’s important to know about these traits specific to their family line.

It’s essential to monitor your dog’s individual patterns and consult with a veterinarian to discern any abnormalities, ensuring reproductive health is maintained throughout her life.

Caring For a Female American Bully During Her Heat Cycle

american bully wearing diaper

When caring for a female American Bully in heat, it’s essential to understand her needs.

First, you’ll want to provide a comfortable and quiet space coupled with protective doggy diapers to manage the bleeding.

Additionally, keep her away from intact males during this time, increase supervision during walks, and maintain her hygiene regularly to ensure her well-being.

Provide a comfortable and quiet space

When your female American Bully is in heat, it’s important to create a calm and comfy spot for her. This time can be stressful and uncomfortable for her, so a quiet, distraction-free area is best—like a cozy corner in your living room or a separate room.

Make sure this space has a comfy bed, fresh water, and her favorite toys. Keep it clean by changing the bedding regularly to prevent infections.

During this phase, your dog might need extra care and love from you.

Use protective doggy diapers

When your Bully is in heat, she’ll bleed, and it can get messy. To keep your home clean and your Bully comfy, use doggy diapers.

These special diapers cover your dog’s backside, stopping any mess from spreading. They’re comfy, easy to use, and can really help during your Bully’s heat cycle.

Also, doggy diapers can lower the risk of infection by keeping the blood away. This is important because your Bully is more likely to get bacterial infections during this time.

Plus, they stop male dogs from trying to mount your Bully, which can reduce stress.

Keep her away from intact males

While ensuring your bully’s comfort with doggy diapers, it’s equally important to keep her away from intact males during her heat cycle.

This crucial step prevents unwanted pregnancies and potential health risks. Intact males can detect a female in heat from miles away, and if they gain access, mating will likely occur.

You should also be aware that a female in heat can attract males even through barriers, so it’s not enough to simply separate them physically.

You may need to keep her in a completely isolated location during this time.

Increase supervision during walks

When your American Bully is in heat, it’s crucial to be extra careful during walks. She will release a scent that can attract male dogs from all over.

Unwanted attention might lead to fights or even mating, which you definitely want to prevent.

So, keep a close eye on your dog during walks. Always keep your bully on a leash, no matter how obedient she is.

Pay attention to your surroundings, watching out for any wandering male dogs.

Be ready to change direction or distract your dog if needed to keep the walk safe and stress-free.

Maintain regular hygiene

When you’re keeping a close eye on your dog during her heat, it’s also important to keep her clean. This helps prevent infections and keeps her comfortable. It’s normal to see some bloody discharge during this time, but keeping things clean is essential.

To protect your furniture and floors, use doggy diapers or special blankets, and remember to change them regularly to avoid bacteria.

Give your dog more baths using products made for dogs. Avoid the sensitive genital area during this time. Also, brush her teeth regularly to prevent dental issues linked to hormonal changes.

Check her private part (vulva) every day for any signs of inflammation or infection. If you notice swelling, redness, or a bad smell, consult your vet right away.

How Do Male Bullies React To A Female Bully’s Heat?

american bully drool

In response to a female in heat, male dogs often show increased restlessness and a keen interest in tracking the female’s scent.

They become more alert and may try to leave their confined area to find the female. This behavior is driven by the potent pheromones that females release during their estrous cycle (heat cycle).

These chemical signals are meant to attract males and can be detected from significant distances.

Males may also exhibit mounting behavior and become more vocal or aggressive due to heightened levels of testosterone.

You need to keep an eye on your male American Bully because as soon as they sense that the female dog is in heat, they may go crazy and try to escape to get to her.

Understanding these responses is essential for effectively managing your dog’s behavior during the breeding season.


How often do American Bullies go in heat? 

Usually, American bullies go in heat twice in one year. The heat cycle generally occurs every 6 months, but it can vary from dog to dog.

At What Age do American Bullies go into heat?

The age at which American Bullies first go into heat can vary, but it typically occurs between six months and one year of age. Some dogs may experience their first heat cycle as early as six months, while others may not enter into heat until they are closer to one year old.

How to avoid unwanted pregnancies?

  • One of the best ways to avoid Pregnancy is to get your American bully spayed.
  • Another way is you keep them in temporary confinement to avoid contact with male bullies.
  • You can also use doggy diapers that will not allow male American bullies to mount.
  • You can also consult your vet they might suggest some birth control options.

Final Thoughts

Understanding your American Bully’s heat cycle is crucial for responsible breeding and care. Typically, they experience their first heat between 6 to 12 months of age.

Recognize the signs, such as swelling of the vulva and behavioral changes, to identify when she’s in heat.

This period usually lasts 2-4 weeks. Various factors, including health and genetics, can influence its duration.

During this time, be aware that male dogs will be particularly drawn to her due to instinctual behaviors triggered by her scent.

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