Exotic Bully Vs American Bully- Key Differences!

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Are you curious about the differences between the Exotic and American Bully? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore the history, characteristics, and traits that set these two breeds apart.

Whether you’re a dog enthusiast or considering adding one of these breeds to your family, understanding the difference between the Exotic Bully and the American Bully will help you make an informed decision.

So, let’s dive in and uncover the differences!!.

Key Take Aways:

Exotic Bully:

  • Known for its compact and muscular build
  • Generally smaller in size compared to the American Bully
  • Exhibits extreme features such as a short, wide muzzle and exaggerated bone structure

American Bully:

  • Tends to have a larger and more robust frame
  • Possesses a well-defined and muscular physique
  • Comes in different size variations, including standard, pocket, and XL

Exotic Bully vs. American Bully History

The Exotic Bully is a new breed that is still developing, they were first introduced in 2008 meaning it is only been around 15 years since they were introduced to the bully world. Exotic bully has yet to be recognized by some major kennel clubs.

Exotic bully is a hybrid breed which is the result of the mix of American bully breeds along with the bulldog breed.

On the other hand, the American bully is a far older breed compared to the Exotic bully. They originated in the 1980s but were initially recognized as a separate breed in 2012 by the American Bully Kennel Club(ABKC).

American Bully was derived from various bully breeds, such as the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

Understanding the history of these two breeds can provide valuable insights into their distinct characteristics and purposes.

Exotic Bully vs. American Bully Differences

american bully vs exotic bully breed

Physical Characteristics

In terms of physical appearance, you’ll notice that Exotic Bullies have more flatter, squashed faces and wrinkles compared to American bullies.

This is due to the addition of different kinds of Bulldogs in their breeding, such as Olde English Bulldogs, French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Shorty Bulls.

Exotic Bullies have compact muscular bodies with relatively big heads and small legs that sometimes look like dwarfism.

On the other hand, American Bullies have a larger size body with longer legs, giving them a more balanced body shape and usually have well-proportioned muscular bodies.

American bullies too have flat face and wrinkles but it is not as severe as Exotic bully.

Size –

Usually, Exotic Bully tends to be slightly smaller than American bullies.

American bully’s height can range between 14 to 23 inches depending on the type (Standard bully, classic bully, pocket bully or Xl bully) and can weigh between 40 to 130 pounds.

On the other hand, The Exotic bullies are usually under 16.5 inches in height; sometimes, they can be up to 13 inches in height or even less. These variations in size are due to unspecified breed standards. and they generally weigh between 30- 50 pounds.


The American Bully and Exotic Bully both possess gentle and loving temperament traits that make them suitable for social interactions with people and other animals.

American Bullies are known for being good family dogs, tolerant of children, and loyal and protective. They have a more predictable size and appearance, making them a better option for potential owners.

Exotic Bullies, on the other hand, are also sociable with people and other animals, and they’re tolerant of children. However, they can be slightly more stubborn compared to the American bully.


Exotic bullies can suffer from diseases like Hip and elbow dysplasia and brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome, severe skin allergies compared to American bullies (as they have more skin folds compared to American bullies), Hypothyroidism, Heart issues, structural deformities leading to difficulty in walking and difficulty in reproduction.

American bullies are also prone to some health issues like hypothyroidism, heart issues, hip and elbow dysplasia, skin allergies (generally less prone compared to exotic bullies), etc.

It’s crucial to monitor the health of both breeds and provide regular veterinary care, including proper nutrition and exercise.

In short, Both breeds are prone to certain health conditions, However, Exotic bullies are more susceptible to diseases compared to American bullies.


Both the Exotic Bully and the American Bully are popular breeds known for their distinctive looks and friendly temperament.

Regarding lifespan, the Exotic Bully tends to have a slightly shorter lifespan compared to the American Bully. On average, the Exotic Bully has a lifespan of around 6 to 7 years, while the American Bully can live up to 10 to 13 years.

It’s important to note that individual factors such as genetics, diet, exercise, and overall health care can also influence the lifespan of both breeds.

Therefore, providing proper care and regular veterinary check-ups can help increase the lifespan of these beloved pets.


Both breeds are highly trainable. In general, bully breeds can exhibit stubbornness, so it may require some time and patience to successfully train them.

Personally, I have found exotic bullies to be somewhat more stubborn than American bullies, which makes them slightly more challenging to train compared to American bullies.

It is essential to maintain a positive mindset while training them and consistently praise or reward them with treats when they perform correctly. When things don’t go as planned during training, avoid scolding, yelling, or resorting to physical punishment, as it can instill fear and provoke aggression.

Instead, you should withhold praise and treat rewards when they misbehave and employ firm commands like ‘No’ or ‘Stop’ to correct their behavior.

Remaining exceptionally patient and consistent will enable you to successfully train your bully in no time.

Energy Levels

Both Exotic and American bullies are energetic breeds that require daily exercise to remain healthy and happy.

The American Bully is a highly energetic and active breed. They thrive on physical activity and enjoy being outdoors, whether it’s playing fetch or going for long walks. They strongly desire to please their owners and are often seen as confident and outgoing.

On the other hand, Exotic Bullies are very energetic but not as energetic as the American bully. and eventually, their Exercise requirement compared to American bullies is slightly less. you can take them on long walks or go for a small jog around the block.

Whether it is an American bully or an Exotic bully make sure, to not over-exercise them, especially exotic bullies.

BreedExercise need Exercise Duration
Exotic BullyModerate exercise is sufficient to keep them healthy and happy.20 min-40 min
American Bully They require relatively more intense exercise than exotic bully to remain healthy and happy. 45 min-60 min

Exotic Bully vs. American Bully: Price and Popularity

Exotic bully vs american bully price

When it comes to price, Exotic bullies are much more costly compared to American bullies. Despite the higher price tag of the Exotic Bully due to its rarity, both breeds have a strong following because of their unique characteristics and charming dispositions.

Let’s break it down:

  • Exotic Bully: With prices ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 or more, the Exotic Bully is a pricier choice. This breed’s unique, exaggerated features and smaller size have attracted a solid fan base.
  • American Bully: With a more affordable price tag (averaging $2,000 onwards), the American Bully, recognized for its friendly temperament and muscular build, enjoys a larger and more established following.
  • Popularity: While the American Bully’s fan base is more established, the Exotic Bully’s distinctive look is rapidly gaining traction.

Exotic Bully Vs. American Bully: Breeding

American Bullies can usually breed and give birth naturally without any issues. However, the thing is quite different when it comes to exotic bullies.

Exotic Bullies often face challenges in mating naturally because of their unique dwarf-like body structure. They typically require artificial insemination to reproduce.

Additionally, they cannot give birth to puppies naturally and need a C-section or  Cesarean birth, which is a surgical procedure where a cut is made in the tummy to deliver the puppies.

Exotic Bully Vs. American Bully: Which is Better?

Here are the following points you can look into to decide which breed is better –

  • Exotic bully is a fairly new bully breed that is still developing and Breeders do not follow the breed standards and prioritize the aesthetic look over the health of the breed. So, there is always a high risk involved while purchasing the exotic bully pup as you can’t predict the final appearance and health of the exotic bully as an adult.
  • American bully is an established breed and breeders have to follow the specific breed standards in order to register their dog breed. Due to this, buying an American bully puppy is far less risky to purchase as you have a clear idea of what they will look like as an adult.
  • Exotic bullies are prone to several health issues further leading to a short lifespan. American bullies are far healthier than Exotic bullies and also have a long lifespan.


What Are the Typical Temperaments and Personalities of Exotic Bully Vs. American Bully?

Both breeds have similar temperaments. American bullies and Exotic bullies are loyal, friendly and gentle breed. However, each breed has its own unique characteristics, which can vary in terms of energy level, friendliness, and trainability.

What Are the Ideal Living Conditions for an Exotic Bully or American Bully?

To provide optimal living conditions for an Exotic Bully or American Bully, ensure they have a spacious, comfortable environment with proper ventilation and temperature control. Regular exercise, a balanced diet, and regular veterinary care are also essential for their well-being.

Are There Any Specific Training Techniques or Methods Recommended for Exotic Bully or American Bully Breeds?

When training an exotic bully or American bully, it’s important to use positive reinforcement methods, such as rewards and praise. Consistency is key, and establishing clear boundaries and rules will help them understand expectations.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Exotic Bully and American Bully are two distinct breeds that have a shared history but also several significant differences.

While both breeds are known for their muscular build and loyal nature, the Exotic Bully tends to have a more exaggerated appearance with a shorter muzzle and wider chest.

On the other hand, the American Bully has a more balanced and athletic build.

Understanding these differences can help potential owners decide when choosing between the two breeds.

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