Can an American Bully Kill a Coyote? The Shocking Reality!

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If you are an American Bully owner and reside in an area where coyotes are common, you might be wondering whether your Bully can handle itself against a coyote that enters your property.

Can an American Bully kill a coyote?

Yes, American Bullies can kill coyotes, as they are larger and stronger. There are various recorded incidents showing that American Bullies are capable of killing coyotes, but there are also instances where coyotes have killed American Bullies.

In this article, we will dive deeper into this topic. We will also discuss tips to avoid interactions between your Bully and coyotes to prevent any incidents.

Additionally, we will explore how American Bullies fare against the wolves, the larger cousins of coyotes.

So, let’s keep reading.

An American Bully Can Kill a Coyote

As already discussed American bully can kill a Coyote. But let’s compare the body composition and other factors of both animals in the table to create a clearer picture-

FeatureCoyoteAmerican Bully
Height24 inch14-23 inch
Weight15-45 pounds30-150 pounds;
Length39.6 – 51.6 inch (including tail)24–27 inch
Bite Force88 PSI200-300 PSI
Life Span3-14 years (in the wild)8-15 years

By simply examining the table, it is evident that the American Bully outweighs the coyote. With this weight advantage, American Bullies can easily overpower the lighter coyotes.

Additionally, The bite force of the American bully is much higher than the Coyote, indicating that the American bully can cause some serious damage to the coyote while biting.

However, it’s crucial to note that such encounters are risky and can result in severe injuries to either animal. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid any scenarios where these two animals might come into conflict.

How Can You Avoid American Bully And Coyote Interaction


To mitigate encounters between American Bullies and coyotes, you must secure your property with robust fencing and consider the addition of coyote rollers to prevent climbing.

You should avoid leaving food outside that may attract coyotes and always supervise your pets, especially during their peak activity times at dawn and dusk.

Furthermore, implementing deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers can effectively discourage coyotes from entering your yard.

Use secure fencing for your property

To keep your property safe from unwanted run-ins between American Bullies and coyotes, it’s important to have a strong fence.

Make sure it’s tall enough (at least six feet) to discourage coyotes, who can easily jump or climb lower obstacles.

Use durable materials like chain-link or heavy wood to withstand the strength of an American Bully and the agility of a coyote.

To prevent digging, consider burying part of the fence underground. Regularly check and fix any weak spots or damage to the fence to keep it effective. Taking these steps will help you avoid conflicts on your property.

Install coyote rollers on top of fences

Adding coyote rollers to the top of your fence is a smart way to keep your American Bully safe from agile predators like coyotes. These rollers are like special barriers designed to stop them.

Coyote rollers are made of spinning rods that you attach to the top of your fence. When a coyote or any other predator tries to climb over, the rollers spin under their paws, making it really tough for them to get over.

It’s a simple and effective solution to boost your fence’s defenses and protect your American Bully from unwanted intruders.

Avoid leaving food sources outside

Eliminating outdoor food sources is a critical step in reducing the likelihood of encounters between your American Bully and local coyotes.

Coyotes are opportunistic feeders and are drawn to areas where food is readily available. This includes pet food bowls left outside, unsecured garbage bins, and even fallen fruit from trees.

To reduce the risk of coyotes coming near your property, make sure all food sources are either inside your home or stored securely.

Also, regularly clean up any leftover food, spills, or mess that might attract coyotes. By doing this, you not only protect your dog but also help prevent conflicts with wildlife in your community.

Supervise pets, especially during dawn and dusk

Keep a close eye on your American Bully, especially during sunrise and sunset when coyotes are most active. Coyotes might pose a danger to unsupervised pets during these times.

To lower the risk, always use a leash for your dog and stay alert. Keep an eye out for any signs of coyotes in the area.

If you know there are coyotes around, try walking your dog at different times or in well-lit, busy areas to reduce the chance of encounters.

Use deterrents like motion-activated lights or sprinklers

To better protect your American Bully from running into coyotes, think about putting up lights or sprinklers that turn on when they sense movement. These are safe ways to make coyotes uncomfortable and keep them away without hurting them.

When the lights suddenly come on, or the sprinklers start spraying water, it can surprise and scare away coyotes. These devices work because coyotes, being cautious animals, tend to avoid places that have unexpected things happen to them.

So, by using motion-activated lights or sprinklers, you’re creating a safer environment for your dog and making your property less attractive to coyotes.

Do Coyotes Prefer To Attack Large Dogs or Small Dogs?

Coyotes are smart and tend to go after small dogs because they are easier to catch, and there’s less risk of getting hurt.

Coyotes are opportunistic predators, meaning they choose animals they can easily overpower without using too much energy.

Small dogs often fall into this category as they’re less capable of defending themselves compared to larger breeds.

Moreover, the predatory behavior of coyotes is influenced by the risk-to-reward ratio. They understand that if they engage with a big dog, there’s a high risk of getting hurt.

Therefore, coyotes are more inclined to go after small dogs, which presents a more manageable challenge and a safer opportunity for a successful hunt.

Can an American Bully Kill a Wolf?


By now, you have gained a clear understanding that American Bullies are capable of handling coyotes. However, are they strong enough to take on the bigger, meaner, and more ferocious wolves?

No, an American Bully cannot kill a wolf. Even the largest type of American Bully, i.e., XL Bully, stands no chance against a wolf.

Wolves are apex predators, and their hunting skills are second to none, whereas the American Bully is bred to be a companion dog.

So, it is better to keep your American Bully away from these wild dogs, although the chances of your American Bully encountering a wolf are extremely low, so you don’t have to worry about that very much.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, while an American Bully might have the physical capabilities to kill a coyote, interactions should be avoided for safety.

Coyotes typically target smaller dogs, posing less risk to larger breeds like the American Bully. However, when considering larger wolves, an American Bully would likely be outmatched due to size, strength, and pack dynamics.

Prioritize prevention and safety to ensure peaceful coexistence with wildlife.

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