Are American Bullies Good Hunting Dogs?- Find The Truth!

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American Bullies are a dog breed that has been selectively bred for several years to transform them into a loving and gentle companion dog breed while reducing the aggressiveness that their ancestors once possessed.

According to the American Bully Kennel Club, American Bullies displaying aggression towards humans, other dogs, or animals is considered to be very uncharacteristic.

Are American Bullies Good Hunting Dogs?

No, they are not suitable for hunting, as they lack the necessary aggression and prey drive required for a hunting dog breed. Instead, they are companion dogs known for their calm, loving, and loyal nature.

In this article, I will discuss the reasons why American Bullies are not well-suited for hunting and explore their history, which will help you understand why they have evolved into family dogs, unlike their ancestors. So, keep on reading!

8 Reasons Why American Bullies Don’t Make Good Hunting Dogs?

As already discussed, in order to be an exceptional hunting dog it is important to have a certain degree of prey drive and aggression. Typically, American bullies lack such qualities which makes them not an ideal hunting dog.

Here are the necessary traits/qualities that a hunting dog has-

  • Prey Drive
  • Tracking and Scenting abilities
  • Good at pointing and retrieving
  • High Stamina
  • Great auditory sensitivity 
  • can work with a hunting team

Let’s see if American bullies possess these qualities to determine whether it is a match or a mismatch for hunting purposes.

1. Lacks The Necessary Prey Drive

american bully sitting calmly

The American Bully is a breed created by breeders with the deliberate goal of reducing its prey drive through various methods.

They have been selectively bred for many years, resulting in their transformation into the gentle household pets that we know today.

American Bullies simply lack the necessary prey drive that is essential for hunting. Unlike hunting breeds, they do not possess an intense desire to chase and capture prey.

You see, hunting dogs are instinctively wired to detect, pursue, and often retrieve games.

On the other hand, American Bullies are primarily bred as companion animals. They are renowned for their loyalty and affection, rather than their hunting prowess.

2. Absence of Tracking And Scenting Abilities

Typically, American Bullies have an average sense of smell. Unlike breeds specifically bred for hunting, they aren’t naturally skilled at picking up and following scent trails.

This limitation can be a significant disadvantage when you’re out in the field, where hunting relies heavily on a dog’s sense of smell.

Additionally, they get easily distracted, unlike the hunting dog breeds that remain extremely focused as soon as they catch the sight of their prey.

You can train them to some extent, but they’ll never match the scent-tracking abilities of a hunting dog breed.

3. Not Designed For Pointing or Retrieving

Moving on from their lack of scenting abilities, you’ll also find that American Bullies don’t quite cut it when it comes to pointing or retrieving, essential skills for any hunting dog.

Primarily bred for their strength and loyalty, these dogs lack the instinctual behaviors of a pointer or retriever.

They don’t have the natural instincts for pointing and retrieving as other hunting dogs do. While they can be trained to a certain extent, their natural tendencies lean more toward protection and companionship rather than hunting.

Moreover, their heavy, muscular body makes it hard for them to move quickly and nimbly, which is necessary for pointing out prey.

4. Prone To Muscular Fatigue During Long Hunts

american bully tired

Even though American Bullies have strong muscles, they’re not very good at keeping up with long hunts.

Their powerful muscles are meant for short bursts of speed and strength, not for lasting a long time during hunting trips.

After a short while, you’ll see them slowing down because their muscles get tired. This happens because of their genetics, which makes them prone to muscle fatigue.

This trait doesn’t work well for long and tiring hunts.

So, even though they might look tough, they’re not built for prolonged physical activity. That’s why they’re not the best choice for hunting partners when you need to track or chase for extended periods.

5. Prone To Overheating Due To Brachycephalic Features (flat face)

Your American Bully’s short, flat snout is a unique feature, but it also makes them prone to getting too hot, especially when doing intense activities like hunting.

Because of their short snouts, they can’t cool down the air they breathe as well as dogs with longer noses. This means their body temperature can rise quickly, especially when they’re putting a lot of effort into hunting.

At the same time, their bodies have trouble getting rid of this extra heat, which can make them tired quickly and might even lead to heatstroke.

They aren’t well-suited for long and demanding hunts, especially in warm weather or places with a hot climate, because their bodies can’t manage their temperature properly.

So, it’s really important to keep a close eye on them for signs of overheating, like heavy panting, drooling, or acting lethargic.

Hunting might just be too physically challenging for these lovely dogs.

6. They Have Average Auditory Sensitivity

After taking into account the risk of overheating, another factor to consider is your American Bully’s average auditory sensitivity.

Unlike other breeds, American Bullies don’t have the acute hearing that makes for a great hunting companion.

While their hearing isn’t poor, it’s not exceptional either. This is significant because a hunting dog needs to pick up on subtle sounds in the environment, like the rustle of leaves or the small movements of prey.

Your Bully might miss these cues, making them less effective in the field.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t great pets; they just don’t excel in this specific area.

7. Potentially too Sociable and Non-aggressive for hunting

While your American Bully’s sociable and non-aggressive nature may make them a great family pet, it’s not ideal for hunting tasks.

Hunting requires a certain level of predatory instinct and aggression, which your Bully may lack. These dogs are bred for their friendly demeanor, making them more inclined to play with potential prey than to chase it.

Their sociability also means they may get distracted by other animals or humans when they should be focusing on the hunt. This isn’t a negative trait; it’s simply a mismatch with the requirements of hunting.

It’s important to align your expectations with the natural instincts and temperament of your dog. An American Bully mightn’t be your best choice if you’re looking for a hunting companion.

8. Inability To Work With a Hunting Team

Another reason your American Bully may not be suited for hunting is their potential inability to work effectively within a hunting team. 

Hunting requires teamwork and coordination, something that American Bullies often struggle with. They’re not bred for the kind of disciplined cooperation that hunting dogs need. Instead, they excel in one-on-one interactions and play.

In a hunting scenario, this lack of team instinct could lead to confusion or even danger, as hunting dogs must work together seamlessly to track and corner prey.

It’s not that your Bully isn’t smart or capable; it’s just that their strengths don’t align with the requirements of a hunting team.

History Of American Bully

The American Bully was born from mixing different dog breeds, such as the American Pitbull Terrier, along with other bully breeds like the American Bulldog, English Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldogge. This mix resulted in a special dog breed with unique qualities.

Unlike the American Pitbull Terrier, the American Bully isn’t built for hunting, mainly because of the genes it inherited from bulldog breeds.

Training them for hunting isn’t a good idea because the main goal in creating this breed was to get rid of their natural hunting instincts and make them outstanding companion dogs instead.

Final Thoughts

After reading the article, one thing is for sure, American Bullies aren’t suitable for hunting due to their lack of aggression and prey drive.

Their physical limitations, such as their muscular build and potential health conditions, also hinder their agility and endurance necessary for hunting.

If you looking for a hunting companion then the American bully is not the right breed, there are various hunting dogs that you should look into.

They may not be the best hunters, but when it comes to being a family pet, they are one of the best.

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